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Moorpark is a newer community in Ventura County that is commonly known as a great place to raise a family. The community offers a stellar education system and has the lowest crime rate in the county. Although the town is quaint and charming, it is bustling with activity year round. Moorpark typically maintains an average temperature of 65°F or higher. Although the weather is usually moderate, there are days when the sun is scorching and the temperatures reach triple digits. Since Moorpark averages over 265 sunny days a year, it is important that your AC unit is delivering cool air year round. Moorpark trusts the quality air conditioning repair services of Capella Air Conditioning & Heating. Delivering affordable and trustworthy air conditioning services, Moorpark residents are able to stay comfortable year round.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating provides commendable services to the people of Ventura County. With excellent craftsmanship and affordable solutions, trained professionals are able to fix the issues that you are causing your air conditioning unit to struggle. There are many newer homes and first-time homeowners in Moorpark. It is important that new homeowners understand the issues occurring in their AC unit. Technicians work closely with homeowners so that they are able to learn the proper ways to maintain their units. There are common signs of a faulty air conditioner in houses across Moorpark, including:

  • Different rooms having different temperatures
    • Poor airflow signifies that the unit is not working effectively
  • Unexpected energy bill costs
    • If your energy bill is skyrocketing, your unit is not working at peak efficiency
  • Lack of airflow
    • If a room is not receiving any cool air, your unit needs to be serviced
  • Water marks found near the registers and vents
    • When issues occur in the coil, water leaks will appear near the unit

The experts at Capella Air Conditioning & Heating are experienced in servicing units from many different suppliers. They regularly determine compatibility and identify defects of units. Because of their extensive training, experts are able to repair and replace units from a wide range of manufacturers. When a technician arrives at your home, they observe the parts and pieces of the unit. After observing the unit, technicians are able to determine what caused your unit to break. Some things that may cause defects in your unit include:

  • Irregular maintenance
  • Clogged condensate drain
  • Dirty filters
  • Refrigerant leakage

Moorpark is a residential community. Residential communities require the services of a trusted HVAC repair company on a regular basis. Technicians are able to determine if a unit should be repaired or replaced based on age, efficiency, and cost of repair. If you are looking for affordable services and an excellent customer experience, call Capella Air Conditioning & Heating.

The Best Air Conditioner Technicians in Moorpark, CA

The residents of Moorpark should be able to stay comfortable, even on warm days. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating offers a variety of services for your air conditioning needs, including:

  • Air Conditioner Repair
    • Your air conditioning unit should regularly operate with high efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement or Installation
    • When your unit is unable to be repaired, it needs to be replaced.
  • Regular Air Conditioner Service Checks
    • Don’t get stuck with an expensive emergency repair. Complete proper maintenance so that you do not have any unforeseen damages in your unit.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to maintaining a pricing structure that customers can trust. We do not want you to be surprised with any unexpected costs! Our trusted customers are located throughout the Moorpark community and Ventura County.

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Trustworthy HVAC Specialists in Moorpark, CA

For over 25 years, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has provided amazing service to the Moorpark community. As more people continue to move to Moorpark, a trustworthy HVAC company is regularly needed. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has consistently offered great pricing and prompt services. Our services will exceed your expectations. Find a solution that is right for your family when you rely on Capella Air Conditioning & Heating.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning: Reviews and Testimonials from Moorpark, CA

“These guys are awesome. We had them install a new unit just a few weeks ago and we were really blown away. They showed up on time and worked SO FAST. We were amazed at how quickly there were able to get everything done. Our home is so much more comfortable now. It was also wonderful to find that their prices were affordable and that we could comfortably afford a unit that we’re sure will last us a long time.”

Marisol B – Moorpark, CA

“Ron came for a next day service. He was friendly and informative. We could reproduce the problem, but advised me of possible future break downs and explained to me in details the options. Will definitely call again next time we need air condition needs!”

Duke T – Moorpark, CA