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The San Fernando Valley is a large, urbanized valley in Los Angeles County. Located between Santa Monica and San Gabriel, the Valley is home to over 1.7 million people. Many of the neighborhoods within the Valley function as their own city. People are drawn to the San Fernando Valley because of its proximity to hikes, beaches, and affordable housing. In San Fernando Valley, the summer is full of days that are short, hot, and clear. The days throughout the winter months are long, chilly, damp, and cloudy. Valley residents experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 45°F to 92°F on average. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating delivers trustworthy air conditioning repair services that are reliable and inexpensive, keeping the many residents of the San Fernando Valley comfortable year round.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating continues to offer the people of Los Angeles County unmatched craftsmanship and unparalleled services . Every staff member is a trained professional that is able to fix the challenges within your air conditioning unit. Technicians work closely with homeowners to teach them how to maintain their units properly. Some of the typical signs of a faulty AC unit in San Fernando Valley include:

  • High energy bills
  • Thermostat not accurately reflecting temperature
  • Uneven air flow throughout the home
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit

When a HVAC service technician comes to your home, it is crucial that they are thoroughly trained to determine the compatibility and defects of units from various equipment suppliers. The staff at Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has robust training that allows them to repair and replace units from many different manufacturers. When a technician arrives, they will observe the parts and pieces of the unit for any defects. Some things that may cause your unit to break include:

  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Broken or dead thermostat
  • Failure of electrical controls
  • Damaged parts and pieces

Since the San Fernando Valley is bustling, the services of a trusted HVAC repair company are a necessity. If a unit is less than 10 years old, it is most likely in need of reparation rather than replacement. After 10 years, it is likely that a unit needs to be replaced. Call Capella Air Conditioning & Heating to have your unit back in action.

San Fernando Valley Air Conditioner Repair Experts

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in air conditioning repair so that you can stay comfortable, even on hot days. Our various services include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair
    • We work diligently to keep your air conditioning unit working with maximum effectiveness at peak efficiency.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement or Installation
    • In the Valley, there are many old homes that have air conditioning units that are not running efficiently
  • Regular Air Conditioner Service Checks
    • Maintaining your unit properly prevents further damage.

Home repairs are typically expensive and unexpected. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating offers a transparent pricing model so that customers are not surprised with any unexpected costs. Our trusted customers are located throughout the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, and beyond.

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Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has been in business for over 30 years. We have over 150 five star ratings on Google and pride ourselves on our customer service and work quality. Come give us a try and call us today to get your free estimate and $49 service call.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning: Reviews and Testimonials from Santa Monica, CA

“Our AC didn’t seem to be getting any power. We called Capella air and they came out right away. They were able to test everything and find the bad fuse that was causing the issue and get it replaced right away. They charged me a very fair price and the work they did was wonderful. I haven’t had a single problem out of the AC since and with how hot it has been I have been so grateful. They’re wonderful and I will call them again if I ever have another problem.”

David N – San Fernando Valley, CA

“Ron with Capella was punctual / wore a mask / was extremely professional and dealt with our issue in a timely and effective manner / thanks again”

Dennis M – San Fernando Valley, CA