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Santa Monica is a beautiful beach town that is South of Topanga State Park and West of Beverly Hills. Santa Monica is known around the world for its eco-friendly businesses, unforgettable coastline, and constant sunshine. The town is full of world-renowned attractions including the Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park, and the Pacific Wheel. Although the town brings in thousands of tourists each year, it is still home to nearly 100,000 residents. Santa Monica is known for its desirable climate. The winter months range in temperature between 53°F and 68°F. The summer months do not get too warm, staying right around 72°F. This humidity-free town makes a comfortable home for the locals. Although the weather is usually desirable, there are days when the summer sun enhances the heat. Since Santa Monica averages over 300 sunny days a year, your AC unit needs to be able to keep your home comfortable all day long. When your air conditioner is not effectively fighting off the summer sun, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to help. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is an excellent company that is known for offering air conditioning repair services to the businesses and homes in Santa Monica, CA. With friendly technicians and excellent services, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating are the trusted experts in Los Angeles County.

Every staff member at Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is familiar with the towns in Los Angeles County. They are committed to delivering trustworthy air conditioning services that are prompt and affordable. All technicians are trained to find the solutions to your air conditioning problems. Although Santa Monica is family friendly, most residents are very successful, middle-aged individuals that are committed to their career path. With many of the residents occupying a busy schedule, it is important that any AC issues can be resolved efficiently.  Each technician at Capella Air Conditioning & Heating works diligently with homeowners to quickly solve the issues at hand. Issues seen in air conditioning units across Santa Monica include:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat 
    • Your thermostat may need new batteries
  • Leaking refrigerant
    • All cases of low refrigerant result from leaks in the system
  • Damaged compressor
    • A damaged compressor hinders the airflow throughout your entire home

 The residents of Santa Monica, CA value eco-friendly practices. The staff at Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has robust training that allows them to repair units so that they function at peak efficiency. If you are looking to optimize your AC unit and lessen its negative impact on the environment, ensure that your unit is working at peak efficiency. Some signs of an inefficient unit are:

  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Uneven air flow throughout the home
  • Water leaking from the unit

 In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Santa Monica, the services of a trusted HVAC repair company are frequently needed. Commonly, Santa Monica residents choose to replace their old air conditioning units with geothermal or high SEER replacements.  When you call Capella Air Conditioning & Heating, we promise to have your air conditioning repaired quickly regardless of the issue at hand.

Air Conditioning Repair Specialists in Santa Monica

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in air conditioning repair so that you can enjoy the temperature both indoors and outdoors. Our various services include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair
    • We help your unit work effectively and efficiently. Repairs may include the replacement of parts, unclogging condensate drains, or resolving leaks.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement or Installation
    • Some air conditioning units that are not worth repairing. We help you make that decision.
  • Regular Air Conditioner Service Checks
    • Air conditioning units need to be properly maintained to prevent unforeseen issues.

In addition to air conditioning services, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating completes work on ductless units. Home repairs are typically expensive and unexpected. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating offers upfront pricing so that customers are prepared for any expenses. Our trusted customers are located throughout Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, and beyond.

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For roughly 30 years, Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has serviced air conditioning units across Los Angeles County. As Santa Monica grows in popularity, it is important that residents know the local HVAC specialists that offer great pricing and prompt services. We guarantee that our services will exceed your expectations. When you call Capella Air Conditioning & Heating, you can expect to find a solution that is right for you!

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning: Reviews and Testimonials from Santa Monica, CA

“The techs here are so great. Every time we have someone from Capella come out for our maintenance they are polite, professional, and friendly. They even make our pets feel comfortable. They are always honest about what needs to be done and how much it’s going to cost. They talk us through everything and make sure we understand. I highly recommend them. They are a very trustworthy and professional company.”

Faye Love – Santa Monica, CA

“Ron was very professional and he did everything to fix my AC, so thank you for your help and responsibility.”

Edvard M – Santa Monica, CA