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Tucked in the intersection of Highway 1 and the Ventura Freeway, the Studio City area is the
hub of the San Fernando Valley. Since Studio City is nestled in the valley, there are typically
moderate levels of humidity. Throughout the summer months, high temperatures generally
average 84°F. With high temperatures accompanying humidity, it is important that air is flowing
effectively throughout the summer months. Although you can stay refreshed by hanging out at
the local Salt & Straw, it is more important to stay cool in the comfort of your own home. Capella Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to being the local air conditioning repair company that serves the Studio City community. We know that Studio City is largely residential, meaning that many people call Studio City “home,” so we want to make sure that each individual has cool air to come home to.
Capella Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in repairing air conditioning units so that they work properly throughout the summer months.

Capella Air Conditioning & Heating has a dedicated staff of trained professionals that are prompt and reliable. By trusting the Capella Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists, you are guaranteed to have your air conditioning unit quickly troubleshot and repaired. Our staff works closely with homeowners to educate them on the issues that they are seeing in their unit. When troubleshooting air conditioning units, our process includes:

• Observing the parts and pieces of the unit for any defects

• Diagnosing the issue causing faulty air flow

• Determine the best, most effective solution to solve the issue
• Repair any identified inefficiencies

Some of the common issues that need to be repaired promptly include:
• Refrigerant Levels and Leaks

o Leaking refrigerant is an issue that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. If
you notice that the air flowing throughout your home is not cool enough, it is
likely that your unit has a refrigerant leak.

• Replace any faulty parts

o Sometimes a condenser, compressors, valves, switches, and timers need to be

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Common Air Conditioner Problems We Experience

There is a wide range of issues you could experience with your air conditioner. Our cooling specialists are highly skilled at diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing all AC issues, including:

Refrigerant leaks

Fan failures

Broken thermostats

Electric control failure

And more...

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The Best Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Studio City and Beyond

Studio City is an area of the San Fernando Valley that has continued to grow and develop in
more recent years. Since much of the town is residential, it is important that locals have access
to specialists that are trained to discover the right solutions. Many of the homes in Studio City
are newer, meaning that they are less likely to need to have their air conditioner replaced.
When a unit is less than 10 years old, it most likely in need of reparation rather than
replacement. We promise to have your air conditioning repaired quickly – regardless of the
issue at hand. We offer assistance that increases the efficiency of your unit and the comfort of
your home.

We specialize in AC repair, but we know that sometimes units need to be replaced or serviced. Our services include:

• Air Conditioner Repair

o If you have experienced uneven temperatures, your air conditioning unit is likely
not working properly. We aim to keep your air conditioning unit working with
maximum effectiveness at peak efficiency.

• Air Conditioner Replacement or Installation

o When we begin repairing a unit, we understand that some items are no longer
worth fixing. If your unit is no longer operating well, we make sure to install a
unit that performs excellently. If you are building or moving into a new home
that needs an air conditioner unit, we are able to help you find and install the
right unit for your needs.

• Air Conditioner Service

o After your unit gets repaired or replaced, it is important that it is maintained
properly! With our extensive air conditioner service offering, we make sure that
each customer knows the price upfront. Trusted customers are located
throughout Studio City, San Fernando Valley, and beyond.

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Studio City, CA HVAC Service Area

Trustworthy Air Conditioning Experts in Studio City

If you experience any difficulties with your air conditioning unit, call a professional that you can
trust. We have been servicing the San Fernando Valley for 25 years. We are known for quick
assistance, affordable pricing, and quality work. When you call SoCal HVAC, you will speak with
a professional who listens to the issues you are facing and finds a solution that is right for you!
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"Ron was very professional and he did everything to fix my AC, so thank you for your help and responsibility."

Edvard M. - Studio City, CA

capella is a 5-star google review los angeles based hvac company

"These guys were great!!!!! they installed my entire ac system in a day and explained everything necessary and how to maintain it. And were very professional!!! I would most definitely recommend them."

Joel P. - Studio City, CA

capella is a 5-star google review los angeles based hvac company

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