Air Purifier Installation and Maintainance

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Whole house Air Purifiers help with

Respiratory problems

Irritated eyes and skin


Mold & Mildew

Dry brittle furniture

Foul smell in the home

Dirty grills

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There are ways to remove these unwanted elements

  • Whole home air purifiers
  • Ultra violet treatment
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Furnace blower cleaning

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"Capella is a great company they were able to install a new heater and new air ducts all in one day. System is working great crew was very clean and they were able to get all the trash out the same day. Highly recommended."


capella is a 5-star google review los angeles based hvac company

"They did an excellent job and got everything done quickly. I am always pleased with their work. You will not be disappointed in the skill or service Capella has to offer."

John L.

capella is a 5-star google review los angeles based hvac company

Have you ever wondered why you are constantly sneezing or feeling irritated in your own home? This may be a sign of toxic indoor air quality. There are as many as 7 times more contaminants in your home than the air you breath outside! This is why indoor air filtration is vital for your home. An Air purifier will keep fresh air moving, keeping old toxic air out. If you are unsure of if your home can benefit from an indoor air purifier, take a look below at how this can help.

  • Air Purifers stop germs and VOCS from spreading that causes the sickness like the cold / flu
  • Air Purifiers remove more than 93% of airborn bacteria and mold
  • Air purifiers trap dust to keep it from accumulating and building up
  • Air purifiers neutralize smoke odor from the outside
  • Air purifiers remove airborne allergens from pet dander
  • Air purifiers help with unpleasant cooking odor, pets, and tobacco
  • Air purifiers combat seasonal allergens making it easier to breathe if you have allergies
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