Why is the Air Conditioning Compressor not Working?

The compressor is probably one of the most important functions of an HVAC system. If your heart controls the blood flood and circulation to the rest of your body, you…

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out ac unit no running

Outside AC Unit Not Running

The AC unit won’t turn on If the outdoor unit does not turn on, first check the circuit breaker on the electrical panel box. Make sure to locate the right…

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ac unit repair in encino

5 Tips on How to Maintain an AC Unit

How can I ensure that my air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible? When it comes to your air conditioning unit, maintenance is a key factor that contributes to…

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is my air conditioner broken

Is My Air Conditioner Broken? 4 Telltale Signs Your AC Unit is on the Fritz

How can I tell if my air conditioner is broken? There are a few obvious signs that confirm an air conditioning unit may be malfunctioning. If you notice any behaviors…

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