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Chino, CA is a beautiful town located in San Bernardino County. Located West of Chino Hills and South of the Angeles National Forest, Chino has a rich agricultural history. Chino is a smaller city, covering roughly 30 square miles. Although Chino has a few well-established commercial enterprises, it is largely composed of residential communities. People flock to Chino because of the beautiful landscape, healthy education systems, diverse demographics, and rich tradition. Chino is one of the warmer cities in Southern California, maintaining an average temperature in the low-90’s during the summer months. With clear skies and sunny days, the summer months are enjoyable even amidst the heat. With rich history and tradition, the museums across Chino need to stay cool throughout the summer months. Since the city is largely residential, it is important that individuals and families have a cool home to return to on hot summer days.

In largely residential communities, it is important that the locals know the trustworthy AC repair experts in the area. For over 20 years, the professionals at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating have been servicing homes across Chino, San Bernardino County, and beyond.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your air conditioning system or replace your filters, the experts at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating are known for their excellent craftsmanship. In the heat of summer, there are a few common issues that are identified in homes across Chino, including:

  • The air conditioning unit is not producing cold air
    • When you do not feel cold air flowing from the vents, it is likely that your system is blocked with debris. When debris gathers on the filters within the unit, air can not flow properly. In addition to blocking air flow, clogged filters can cause the coil to freeze within the unit.
  • Your refrigerant is leaking
    • When the refrigerant is leaking, it can cause many issues within your system. Air will not flow efficiently, the compressor will be damaged, and the coil will freeze.
  • Malfunctioning components
    • AC units utilize the most energy when they are activated. If your unit is constantly cycling between off and on, it is likely that electrical parts and switches within your unit will be damaged. Constant unit cycling causes parts to wear out, causing lack of air flow throughout the home.

The professionals at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating are trained to identify the issues that are occurring within your unit.

When a trained professional comes to your home, they will help you understand the problems in your unit. When a service expert comes to your home, you can expect them to:

  • Observe your unit for any collected debris or malfunctioning parts
  • Determine the parts that need to be fixed
  • Order the necessary repair parts
  • Resolve the issues within the unit
  • Test the system to ensure it running efficiently
  • Schedule a maintenance check

The experts at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating will not only fix the issues within your unit, they will ensure that your unit is working at peak efficiency. Capella Air Conditioning and Heating offers a pricing structure that customers can trust. We inform customers of all costs upfront so that they are not surprised with any unexpected expenses.

The Best AC Replacement & Repair Techs in Chino and San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County maintains a warm climate, making the services of an air conditioning company crucial. On hot summer days, the last thing you want to do is reside in a home with a broken air conditioning unit. When you call Capella Air Conditioning and Heating, you can guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship and prompt services. We complete a variety of services on air conditioning units, see the full list below.

Chino, CA HVAC Service Area

AC Repair Chino, CA

Is your air conditioning unit causing uneven air flow throughout the home? Do you consistently hear weird noises coming from the unit? If you are experiencing abnormalities in your AC unit, it is time to get it checked out. Some of the common signs of a malfunctioning unit include:

1. Uneven air flow throughout the home
2. Expensive energy bills
3. Unusual noises
4. Mold collecting around vents and registers

If you notice one of these signals occurring in your home, call the experts you can trust. When a service technician visits your home, they are committed to helping you until your unit is running effectively again.

AC Replacement & Maintenance

If you have lived in your home for over ten years but have never replaced the air conditioning unit, it may be time to take inventory on the efficiency of your air flow. Over the past six years, the units being manufactured have become more efficient than ever before. If you are sinking too much money into a faulty unit, it may need to be replaced rather than repaired. There are many reasons why people choose to change out their old air conditioning unit, some include:

1. It is too old to repair
2. It does not work effectively even after maintenance is completed
3. They want a higher SEER unit
4. They want a ductless system
5. They are looking for a unit that is compatible with smart home technology
6. With more technology being used in homes, many individuals are hoping to integrate their air conditioning system with their smart home technology.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Checks

Many homes across San Bernardino County are beginning to install furnaces and heating systems in their home. When the staff at Capella HVAC schedules a maintenance check, we make sure to examine every part of the heating and cooling process. It is important to complete maintenance checks before the winter and summer seasons. After a season of sitting idle, units need to be inspected to ensure they are equipped to operate effectively.

Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that air ducts need to be cleaned twice a year? Although ducts require regular cleaning, many homeowners forget to schedule regular duct cleaning services. When you call Capella HVAC, we can ensure that your ducts will be cleaned promptly. There are many unfortunate consequences to dirty ducts, these include:

1. Dirt clogging the air filter
2. Poor air quality in the home
3. Mold infesting vents and registers
4. Inefficient air flow
5. Ducts can get clogged with many types of particles. This dust can damage the quality of air in your home, causing you to develop allergy-like symptoms.

Although you can try to clean your ducts on your own, it is difficult. Capella HVAC is an affordable option for air duct cleaning services.

We Offer Heating Solutions in Chino, CA

Although we are known for conducting stellar maintenance checks and prompt air conditioning repairs, there are many other services we offer to the people of Chino. Our stellar services are customized to fit the needs of your home.

Heating Repair

Over the last five years, residents across San Bernardino County have increased their use of heating systems. Pets, grandparents, babies, and individuals with compromised immune systems need to have the ability to use a furnace during the cooler months of the year. When you are finally ready to use your furnace, the last thing you want is for it to malfunction. When there are issues in your heating system, call Capella HVAC and have a repair done quickly. Common issues seen in furnaces across Chino, CA include:

1. The blower motor is malfunctioning. If the blower motor in your unit is faulty, it is likely due to overuse. We help identify your blower motor issues and find a compatible replacement part.

2. The air flow is unevenly distributed. If your unit has been sitting idle for months, it has likely collected dirt and debris. When there is dirt in your system, the filters may be clogged and the air flow may be hindered. We will help identify accumulated debris so that your unit can operate smoothly.

3. The controls are defective. A furnace is composed of many parts including electronic controls, switches, and ignitors. If one of these parts is defective, it negatively impacts the functionality of the entire unit.

When it is time to heat your home, call Capella HVAC to ensure that your unit is prepared to operate smoothly throughout the winter months.

Furnace Replacement

Is your unit continuing to malfunction no matter how many times you get it fixed? If your furnace is defective and no longer under warranty, it is time to replace the unit. The staff at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating is trained to install furnaces that operate efficiently and adhere to all guidelines and regulations. When we come to replace your furnace, you can expect the following things:

1. A trained service technician will observe your unit and confirm that it needs to be replaced.

2. The furnace will be measured and inspected to ensure that a compatible replacement is chosen. We will ensure this unit adheres to all standards and guidelines.

3. A staff member will discuss if you have any specific requests regarding your new furnace.

4. Your new unit will be retrofitted and measured so that it flows smoothly with the entire system.

5. After all components are activated, your unit will cycle through the entire heating process to ensure that it is operating properly.

A maintenance check will be scheduled to take place before the next winter season.
Get quality service you can trust when you call Capella Air Conditioning and Heating.

Ductless Solutions

In a push for sustainability, more people are choosing to use ductless HVAC systems. Ductless systems allow air to be distributed throughout the home without the use of ducts. In the long run, this type of air flow can save money and energy. The staff at Capella HVAC is trained to implement ductless units into homes across Southern California.

If you are interested in the benefits of ductless solutions, contact the experts at Capella Air Conditioning and Heating!

Trustworthy Repair Experts in Chico, CA

It is important that the citizens of Chino, CA know the air conditioning repair experts that they can trust! When you call Capella Air Conditioning and Heating, you will speak with a service expert that is able to resolve the issues occurring within your air conditioning unit. With a transparent pricing model, you can trust the excellent services offered by Capella Air Conditioning and Heating.

At Capella Air Conditioning and Heating, we work with our customers to find customized solutions to their heating and cooling needs. We offer affordable rates so that customers across San Bernardino County can have access to quality services. Some of our unique offerings include:

Free Estimates

When you call the experts at Capella, we will listen to the issues you are noticing in your HVAC system. After asking questions, we will identify the issue and offer an estimated price of the job. When you call the team at Capella HVAC, we are happy to share our expertise and knowledge of the industry to help you solve the issues occurring in your system.

Affordable Service Calls

We offer regular service calls for just $49. Since maintenance checks need to be completed twice a year, you can ensure the upkeep of your HVAC system for less than $100 annually. It is advised that maintenance checks are scheduled before the winter and summer months.